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Preparation for the 2018 Season has been split into the following training blocks.
Off-Season Part 1 
15th October to 20th of December – Physical screening, general preparation and game knowledge.
Christmas Active Rest 
21st December – 14th of January 2018 – Training programs high Volume – self driven.
Off-Season Part 2 – 2018
-5th January to 16th February – Introduction of Performance Habits Specific Athletic Development & All Club Game Detail.
Pre-Season 2018
20th February to 24th March – Trials matches + performance training and games routines and habits.

12 weeks of training and a lot of hard work has been completed

  • Men’s and Women’s 7’s Team have played in numerous tournaments in regional NSW and competed very well with the Men’s team coming away with a couple of Trophies. The Men’s team is still looking for that little bit extra for a complete tournament performance. The Women’s team is developing nicely and will step it up a gear in February 2018.
  • Players have been training 3 nights a week on-field and in the gym on a split skills program
  • The West Harbour Rugby Performance Centre commenced construction and should be completed by the New Year. The players are very much looking forward to the new Centre.
  • Players have participated in several game knowledge video sessions.
  • Players have participated in an annual Strong Man Challenge
  • Approximately 90 players have participated as part of the Life Skills Program
  • Approximately 60 plus players have attended each session. An overall total of 170 different players have attended various sessions.
  • Players have been physically tested and screened so their programs are more specific to their needs and rugby position
  • A couple of key positional recruits have signed to play with the club. The philosophy is only to recruit in positions that are vacant. The 2017 First Grade squad had a number of player’s attain contracts and higher honour’s so some of these players positions required filling.


  • Jack Sullivan won the annual Pirates strong man competition and 2nd place went to Joshua Redfern. The Strongman competition was very demanding and ended up an endurance session with payers helping each other out. Overall the Forwards did very well.
  • The heat has picked up the last couple of weeks and the players are really feeling it with the humidity making things difficult. We have had a big focus on Hydration and ensuring good habits are instilled. February is going to be a hot one!
  • A big coaching focus on body position, footwork and foot speed. Bear crawls have been and will continue to be completed to delirium.
  • Members of the women’s team have also been training and have added to the balance and culture of the sessions.
  • We are starting to track our players with the use of GPS systems as part of an increased sports science strategy.
  • The gym work is based on predominantly movement skills, specific rugby strength and power development as well as strength through range of motion. All the players have been finding the gym sessions very challenging topped off with sickening rowing sessions.


  • John Ryan – A colt that has been in great form in the 7’s program and is training the house down.
  • Jacob Lavula-Mar – Jacob has come through the clubs junior pathway. Has had great feet and moves well with an innate ability to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Richard Purcell – Richard has come through the Clubs junior pathway. He has impressed with his ability to learn quickly and has a great physical and very athletic ability.




Seasoned Players leading by example

  • Josh Redfern – is super fit and training well. Loves the Rower!
  • Kodie – Mr Reliable is working hard in the gym and particularly diligent with improving his skills. He is hungry!
  • Peter Woollett is as strong as an Ox and training well. Doesn’t Like T-shirts!
  • Jake Kay – Quiet and unassuming has bulked up and is working hard on improving his skills. Jake is the clubs resident male model.
  • Andrew Tuala has already squatted 220kg for 2 reps and is well on the way to smashing most of his PB’s.
  • Jack Sullivan is on a mission and probably in the most athletic shape he has been since his horrific ankle injury last year
  • Dion Spice -The yappy halfback on-field and does not shut up off-field and is behind every practical joke at the club. Dion has worked hard on his conditioning levels and like Peter doesn’t like T-shirts.

Players to watch

  • Sam Qablawi – a big strong back who has a great deal of potential if he can train consistently. What position he ends up is anyones guess as he could play anything outside of 10.
  • Damian Flemming – A very athletic backrower who is really switched on, a team man and is learning very quickly.